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    All of my instruments are built on an individual commission basis, and I do not have, strictly speaking, a fixed list of "models".  The prices below, however, are representative of some of the instruments I offer.  At the time of drawing up a written contract, I ask for a non-refundable good-faith deposit of $500, with a payment bringing the deposit to 50% at the time work commences; the remaining balance is due upon delivery. Prices are exclusive of crating and delivery charges. On the west coast of the US, instruments can be delivered for the cost of driving expenses. All others are expertly crated in Portland, Oregon, by Artworks Fine Arts Services and shipped by them via surface freight.

Italian Harpsichords

After Giovanni Battista Giusti, 1679
"False Inner-Outer" (Integral Case)
True "Inner-Outer With Separate Outer Case


Small 17th-century style "False Inner-Outer"
Neapolitan after c.1550 in
Boston Museum of Fine Arts
With Separate Outer Case

Small Single-Strung Continuo Harpsichord

French Harpsichords
17th-century-style French Harpsichords
Includes Spiral-Turned Stand & , where appropriate, Soundboard Painting

18th-century-style French Harpsichords
Please Inquire
German Harpsichords

Single-Manual after 1710 Mietke
Includes German-Style Apron Stand

Two-Manual after 1728 Hamburg Zell
Includes German-style Apron Stand



Various Small Medieval Clavichords
Triple-Fretted Meantone Clavichords
Pairwise-Fretted Portuguese & Swedish Clavichords
Unfretted after Hoffmann, 1784

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