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Two-manual harpsichord completed in May 2013, after one attributed to Claude Labreche, last quarter of the 17th century. Labreche worked in Carpentras, near Avignon, at that time in the Papal States, not France, so it is not, strictly speaking, a "French" harpsichord.

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Neapolitan Harpsichord c.1550

Single-Manual Harpsichord after Michael Mietke, Berlin 1710

Fretted Clavichord After Manuel de Sousa Carneiro Senior, Oporto 1796

Double-Manual Harpsichord after Christian Zell, Hamburg, 1728


This harpsichord reflects earlier practices in that the 4' is on the upper manual and voiced as a solo stop. Because the two manuals are not coupled, this allows a wide range of unusual effects with contrasts between the two manuals. It is, essentially, a single-manual harpsichord, with a second, octave, instrument superimposed above.

Compass GG, AA (no GG#) - c'''. Case of Oregon "claro" walnut, with framing of very old pine; soundboard of true fir (abies nobilis). Voiced with real quill, and strung in historical iron wire based upon studies of surviving wire samples.



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